Clean Air Salon 

Our mission is to provide a luxury & tailored hair experience while using the lowest toxic hair care possible, helping to reduce the amount of chemical exposure & long term harm to you, stylists, and the environment. 


Located in Seattle's Roosevelt Neighborhood and established in 2018,  Elevate Salon Experience was created because there was a need for a salon that cultivated care and accountability for the health of our guests, our stylists and the environment.


At Elevate, we believe that hairdressing is a true professional craft and we take the risk of performing chemical services seriously. We are proud to say that Elevate is a Certified Aerovex Clean Air Salon. You can be sure that you will breath easy while receiving a service.


We also believe that by doing our diligent research, we can fully and continually educate ourselves on products and services ultimately leading us to make the healthiest and lowest toxic hair care decisions for all. We choose to work with O&M hair color due to it being without PPD, resorcinol and ammonia while still giving our guest long lasting color results. We use sustainably minded hair care from lines like, Afterworld Organics, Cult & King, Hairstory and Innerscense. We believe in giving our guest our full attention with a thorough consultation + patch test and a one on one service. Gone are the days having hair chemicals sit while your stylist works on another guest.  Our independent stylists tailor every service to fit each unique person, while having a special focus on helping you to relax with copper foot & hand soaks, CBD and massage for the scalp, arms and hands. 

Why is this our focus?

Our answer is simple. With years of experience we have learned the hard lesson - that beauty and style does not have to be rushed, painful, cancer causing, health risk adverse and or toxic. For years the Beauty industry has allowed the very toxic idea, that if the products/services work, then we shouldn't question the harm and the ingredients in the product.... right? 

WRONG! What may seem like a simple idea coming from, "the way things have always been", is so harmful. After years of unanswered questions, rushed anxiety educing services, and side effects our stylist decided we will no longer contribute to that toxicity. 

What is an Aerovex Clean Air Certified Salon?

Why you should consider only going to a clean air salon? 

Can you think of a time you were in a salon, do you remember how strong it smelled? If you answered yes, then you were most likely being exposed to the harmful effects of synthetic fragrances and many other chemicals in the salon.


Most salons do not know that hair color and hair styling products can emit toxic chemicals. Hair color has ingredients of chemicals like PPD, resorcinol, and ammonia. Research shows that all of these chemicals can directly affect every single one of your bodies systems. For example, being exposed to resorcinol for periods of time can permanently damage your respiratory systems lungs. 


Now, in the age of COVID-19, we need the safest environments available to continue receiving services. While Elevate offers O&M cor color, the Lowest toxic luxury hair color available, according to manufactures requirements permanent color should be only applied in a well ventilated area. You will notice when receiving a service with us that the salon will smell like nothing or more like aromatherapy instead of synthetic fragrance and chemical gases due to our non toxic products, low toxic hair color and the Aerovex 3 part system. Unlike other salons ventilation systems we are able to have a non toxic environment while capturing and killing any *airborne viruses* making our salon one of the safest places to receive your hair service.